Canon VB-S805D


A Fixed Minidome HD network security camera with ultra-compact lens technology. Ideal for indoor security in retail, education and business environments.



    • Fixed Minidome design
    • 1.3MP resolution
    • CMOS sensor delivers high performance in low light
    • Wide angle f/1.6 Canon lens offers a 95° Angle of View
    • Multi-streaming (2x H.264, 3x MJPEG) in HD or lower resolutions
    • Edge recording/playback from MicroSD card (up to 64GB)
    • Six intelligent in-built analytics
    • Auto Smart Shade Control applies optimum exposure in difficult lighting conditions
    • ONVIF v2.2 and Profile S compliant
    • Compact size: just 120mm in diameter and 54mm in height

Podrobný popis funkcí

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High image quality

The ultra-compact VB-S805D Fixed Minidome network security camera features HD (1280 x 720) resolution at 30fps. A CMOS sensor delivers impressive image quality without colour bleeding or blurred lines. Auto Smart Shade Control (SSC) optimises exposure to improve highlights and correct dark areas in back-lit scenes or low light conditions, offering a true Day/Night operation.

Superb quality Canon lenses

The camera's ultra-compact wide-angle lens offers a 95° Angle of View. The wide angle and low distortion of the high quality f/1.6 Canon lens delivers more light to the camera's sensor - achieving brighter and better defined images.

Dual imaging processors

The dual image processors - DIGIC DV III and DIGIC NET II - enable seamless capturing, processing, encoding and transmitting of images. The internal programming has been re-engineered to deliver multiple H.264 and/or MJPEG streams in HD or lower resolutions. In addition to multi-streaming, the cameras can also stream simultaneously. The H.264 encoder creates high-quality and high compression video, for smooth surveillance in a range of environments.

Easy integration and compatibility

The VB-S805D integrates seamlessly thanks to their network camera SDK and HTTP protocol specification. Compliance with the latest ONVIF V2.2 and Profile S makes it convenient to create a solution with ONVIF-compliant video management software.

Comprehensive on-board analytics

The VB-S805D offers a comprehensive set of intelligent features including: Moving Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Removed Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Passing Detection and Volume Detection. Normally, changes in light conditions interrupt a camera's analytics but the new Canon range automatically resets within 20 seconds of detecting a significant increase or decrease in brightness. This ensures minimal interr

Specifikace produktu

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Efektivní síťové zpracování

Digic DV III

Provádí správu kvality a řízení obrazu

1.3 Mega Pixel

Vysoce kvalitní obraz

Intelligent Function

Analýza obsahu obrazu

Power over Ethernet

Napájení přes síť Ethernet


Decentralizovaný záznam


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