Canon iR4570Ne


Offering unbeatable environmental credentials, the IR4570Ne is a remanufactured multifunctional device that’s simple to use and delivers an excellent return on investment.


  • Remanufactured to offer outstanding environmental credentials
  • Highly cost effective
  • Productive multifunctional device
  • MEAP enabled
  • Suite of effective cost and network management tools
  • Outstanding security features

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Environmentally responsible

As a remanufactured device, the iR4570Ne offers the same functionality, performance and warranty protection of an equivalent new machine. We take end-of-lease machines from throughout Europe and send them to a factory where they pass through a stringent remanufacturing process.

This doubles the machine’s life and allows for up to 88% of existing materials to be re-used – reducing the dependency on raw materials. *

And since remanufactured devices are created with their key accessories pre-configured, around 32% less packaging is required.

High productivity

The iR4570Ne is a highly productive multifunctional device that boosts office productivity with print speeds of up to 45 ppm. Impressive scanning capabilities ensure documents can be captured and then sent to any network destination of your choice, such as group email addresses or folders.

The device incorporates Canon’s MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) which allows customised applications to be incorporated within the device, enhancing your return on investment.

This enables support for a range of powerful solutions designed to enhance cost efficiency, information management and network controls - such as uniFLOW Output Manager, Therefore MEAP client, eCopy, iWMC and SCCP.

High quality

Reports, stock lists and internal newsletters are just some of the high quality documents that can be produced effortlessly on the iR4570Ne.

Excellent security

Ensure your information stays confidential with the iR4570Ne. Department IDs allows only authorised users to access the device features and the user activity can also be tracked. Device security can be further enhanced by using the single sign on feature. Users simply enter their network usernames and passwords to gain access to the device’s functionality.

* Calculated based on weight

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