Canon's moving photojournalism video advert

Sports, first prize singles winner Tom Jenkins captured this mid-action moment of jockey Nina Carberry coming off her horse Sir Des Champs, during the Grand National, with his Canon EOS-1D X.

Photojournalism will continue to be an essential form of photography as long as there are people with unique stories, and photographers honest and driven enough to tell them.

No one believes this more than the World Press Photo Foundation and Canon, as they celebrate 25 years of working together to champion accurate, fearless photojournalism. With that in mind, Canon created the below advert, effectively a love letter to photojournalism, to detail the harrowing challenges the men and women who work in this field face on assignment, day in, day out.

For the last quarter century Canon has partnered with WPP in awarding the best photography in categories ranging from Contemporary Issues and Nature to People and Sports, with the awards being presented at the annual World Press Photo Festival of Visual Journalism.

In April 2017, the award ceremony saw 5,034 entrants submit 80,408 images. Forty-five photographers were then given prizes, which included the overall Photo of the Year award going to Burhan Ozbilici for his powerful image ‘An Assassination’, captured in Turkey – seconds after an off-duty Turkish police officer shot a Russian ambassador at an art gallery in Ankara. Captured on a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, it’s an example of photojournalism at its most uncompromising.

This is Jonathan Bachman’s winning entry in the Contemporary Issues category. Shot on a shot on a Canon EOS-1D X.
Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge is Jonathan Bachman’s winning entry in the Contemporary Issues category. Shot on a shot on a Canon EOS-1D X.

The last 25 years has been about more than celebrating the best of the year’s photography – Canon has also been dedicated to pushing the technology envelope. Innovations in wi-fi, and low-light capacity have given photographers opportunities to take photos in conditions that weren't previously possible.

Gael Monfils stretches for a forehand, a few sets before winning the game. Taken on the Canon EOS-1D X.
Tennis star Gael Monfils is seen pushing himself to the limit in this photo, which won Cameron Spencer the Sports, second prize singles award. Taken on the Canon EOS-1D X.

“I tend to shoot low light situations quite often,” offers Contemporary Issues First Prize Stories winner Amber Bracken, “so shooting at high ISO, slow shutter speeds, doing my best to make things sharp.” And with her Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Amber was able to capture the images she wanted, and to secure her award.

“With the new technology, you save time, you save money, you save energy, ” adds Burhan Ozbilici. All of which frees up the photographer to be less constrained, to be in the moment.

Autor: Beren Neale

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