GBC PowerPunch

GBC PowerPunch

A GBC PowerPunch is attached online to an Océ mid or high production printer. Documents flow directly from the printer to the binding system without the bottleneck associated with traditional offline hole punches.
This online punching system provides improved turnaround time as production printing, punching and stacking are combined in one simple operation.


  • Up to 2,500 sheets can be stacked ready for distribution or binding with this efficient automatic hole punch.
  • Straight stacking
  • Offset stacking (for set separation)
  • Double the stacking capacity to 5,000 sheets with a bypass stacker
  • This hole puncher matches the speed of Océ's fastest printers and is ideally suited to busy in-house print rooms or production printing environments.

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A hole punch with exchangeable dies

The GBC PowerPunch features multiple punching dies that can be changed in minutes without the use of tools. Die sets are available in a variety of standard configurations, including one for calendars. They range from two to 47 holes.

Simple and complete punching system

The GBC PowerPunch is attached online to an Océ VarioPrint printer. Operating and managing the punching process is straightforward. The system features exchangeable punching dies that can be changed in minutes without tools.
The GBC PowerPunch features a stacking capacity of 2,500 sheets, but can be doubled by using the optional bypass stacker.

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