Professional Consulting Services

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Use our skills and technology to boost your business

Leverage our specialist skills and knowledge to help your organisation identify, implement and manage opportunities across the board, including cost control, process improvement, technology integration and adoption of new applications.

In particular, take your capabilities to the next level with a powerful combination of the latest hardware applications and professional services across these key areas: Discovery, Design, Transition & Implement, Support & Manage, and Review.

Co nabízíme


Get insight into your information and document output management to highlight potential cost savings and process improvements.


Making use of Discovery findings to design a solution using hardware, software and services to optimise your operations and deliver measurable benefits.

Transition & Implement

Using our systems integration expertise to deliver in line with your operational needs and key performance indicators, while minimising disruption.

Support & Manage

Working to lessen the impact on operational activities and end-users via a wide range of onsite and offsite service, management and support options.


We continually review our approach to ensure you benefit from advances in technology and services that let you increase productivity and lower costs.



A complete suite of services and related technology designed to benefit your organisation.

Actionable reporting

At every stage we tell you what we’re doing and why, while providing actionable recommendations.

Proven peace of mind

Thousands of organisations across multiple sectors worldwide, already use and trust our professional services.

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Use our skills, technology and experience to boost all areas of your business.

Související služby a řešení

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Navrhování řešení pro firemní procesy

Vyberte si předpřipravené řešení podle svých potřeb na správu informací.

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Služby implementace a integrace systémů

Naši implementační specialisté vám poskytnou odbornou podporu od instalace po předání.

Help your organisation to work smarter with our Professional Consulting Services


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