Ongoing support

Choose from our suite of world-class technical, maintenance and support services to give you the precise level of assurance your risk appetite and business model demands.

Preventative maintenance

An in-depth preventive maintenance program built on monitoring systems and built-in counters. The service comprises a range of checks, routine maintenance services and the replacement of expendables.

  • Maximises operating uptime.
  • Enables predictable maintenance breaks.
  • Minimises disruption to your print processes and operations.

Upgrade service

Within our commitment to protecting your investment and helping you leverage innovation, we regularly improve our solutions with upgrades and new software releases. Use this service to:

  • Protect your investments.
  • Keep components up-to-date to maintain a stable production process.
  • Enjoy greater agility and react faster to changing customer demands.

Remote service

By agreement, a secure data link enables a Canon service specialist to analyse your system almost as soon as a call is received. The service enables:

  • More uptime and shorter disruptions.
  • Effortless real-time troubleshooting.
  • The assurance your systems remain robust, secure and under your control.

Repair service

If a fault should occur, Canon specialists are on hand to resolve your issue 24x7*. Canon provides the industry’s most densely-woven network of service technicians for hardware and software, all of whom have state-of-the-art tools at their disposal to resolve your issue successfully. So you enjoy:

  • A fast but effective remedy for your service issue.
  • An absolute minimum of unplanned downtime. 

* Subject to local infrastructure.

Spare part logistics

Our support specialists are backed by a network of 40 quick-response stockpiles across Europe; plus a comprehensive logistics operation that ensures 98% of all spares are available within two hours. So you enjoy:

  • The shortest delivery times.
  • High quality Canon parts that will keep your systems at peak performance.

Relocation and transport service

If you’re relocating or opening a new print centre, take advantage of our relevant expertise and experience – in both planning your move and installing your systems at your new site.

  • An efficient service ensures you stay productive.
  • Individual cost calculations gives you predictability.