The Océ DFS30 tape binder, when attached to one of Océ's cutsheet printers, provides finishing and printing in one simple operation. It brings convenience and cost effective finishing to both commercial and corporate print environments.


  • Benefit from fast high volume printing
  • Tape binding and printing in one convenient process
  • Binds up to 120 sheets
  • Four tape strip colors
  • Simple tape cartridge replacement
  • Bypass to additional finisher

Podrobný popis funkcí

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Produce cost effective tape bound documents

Applications for document binding with the Océ DFS30 are limitless: reports, user and technical manuals, training material and price lists are just a few of the possibilities.
The result is always the same: attractively finished, tape bound documents ready for distribution.
The Océ DFS30 is capable of producing bound documents up to 120 sheets (240 pages). It is used online with an Océ printer. The Océ DFS30 is a complete tape binding system and does not have any options.

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